Tuesday, April 24, 2018

San Diego's Women's Pro Football Team 2-0

San Diego Surge Women Football is something I only dreamed of as a little girl because I loved watching football and playing it. My daughter who is 28 is now playing for the team in San Diego. Sports has come along way for women. Especially for football. I remember when they even had arena football for women and when they ran around in lingerie. This though is the real deal and is not sexist. These women are hitting and making plays, and catching balls just like men. They are serious about their sport. I don't know if and when it will make it national where they are paid to be professionals, it seems far-fetched right now. Although anything is possible. I am proud my daughter is part of this program and dream that I can watch her fulfill of mine....28 years it took. Never say never....                                     

Saturday, April 14, 2018

San Diego Football Network: San Diego Surge preps for final season

My daughter's first year playing Women's Pro Football. This is the first game of the season. Let's go San DIEGO!!!!

San Diego Football Network: San Diego Surge preps for final season: Quick Hits Location: Santee, CA Home Site:  Santana High School Team Colors: Navy, Surge Blue (Columbia), & White League...

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Had to share my performance on stage when I wanted to be a Poetic Rapper. I had a background of kids that were supposed to help me out. I see myself now and think wow I never gave up...lol at least I got up on stage and finished my set. Years later I discovered I wanted to be a comedian.

MaryJane's Freedom Standup Comedy Uptown Arts Bar

Here is a video of me years ago when I first started out, although I do not use cuss words anywhere. I had to learn how to be funny without using them to entertain all audiences. I drove fiver hours to my first invitation on stage that wasn't open mic. I have grown so much since then..

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


It is human nature to love not hate, although hate is  a feeling we must engage with and experience. Hate has been taught, so where is the love? The love has to been found within the individual. When one has experienced the world that they live in and life has taught the lessons of human nature then love is the final answer. Love ignited will cause a burning flame...once the inner self find's it's true self and it's true nature...ONELOVE